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We have a whole family of Alkaline water for you to choose from.

About Vital Waters

Vital Waters specializes in the production of stable alkaline waters. Established in September 2009, we have rapidly become the industry leader within the Okanagan region and continue to expand throughout British Columbia. Vital Waters supplies the ultimate in premium alkaline drinking waters designed to promote good health and vitality. Infused with natural minerals and trace elements, our water is the perfect foundation for a healthy lifestyle!

We Offer Three Classes of Water


Purified Water

This is our industry standard drinking water.

All minerals, biological materials, chemicals and pollutants are removed by our high grade reverse osmosis purification process, producing water that is 99.99% pure and clean.
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Alkaline Mineralized Water

pH Plus recreates natural water.

This water is purified, alkalized, stabilized and re-mineralized in our proprietary 11 stage process. Bottled at pH 8.0 and 15 mg/L on the alkalinity scale, pH Plus is a balanced alkaline water optimized for active living.
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Alkaline Mineralized Water
Himalayan Plus recreates nature’s finest water.

This water is purified, alkalized, stabilized and re-mineralized in our proprietary 13 stage process. Bottled at pH 8.8 and 20 mg/L on the alkalinity scale, rich in Himalayan and Canadian sourced minerals, Himalayan Plus is our premium alkaline water.
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About Vital Waters

Vital Waters was founded on a commitment to support your local community. Through our foundation, Vital Mission, we are able to provide drinking water, assist in fundraising events and give financial donations from the sale of our water products to many charity and non-profit groups. Vital Waters is committed to supporting those who are most in need in your community.

We are pleased to sponsor the following organizations.
Thank you for what you do for our community!

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Gospel Mission
Kelowna Falcons
Kelowna Woman's Shelter
Mount Everest Team
Okanagan College Coyotes

West Kelowna Warriors
Okanagan Suns
S.H.A.R.E. Society
The Salvation Army
Victory Life Fellowship
Westside Food Bank
Cops For Kids

We Deliver To Your Door

We have a schedule that fits you!
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Trusted By thousands of individuals & Businesses

Vital Waters makes you & your clients happy.
Since we started drinking alkaline water from Vital Waters I have noticed that my family of 4 (with two small children in daycare-enough said) does not get sick as often. 
Alkaline water helps to reduce water intake and reduce cramps in our players.
Okanagan Sun Football
My kids, 9 and 12, guzzle it all day long. Before I had to remind them constantly to drink regular old water.
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