Client Testimonials

Ray Wheatly - Team Manager/Assistan Coach Okanagan Sun Football Team

Since we have started using the Vital waters for the Team we have seen some very strong results with the players:

1) There has not been as many of them needing to drink a whole bottle of water after coming off of the field between series.

2) The cramping that has happened in past years is almost non existence

3) As we have started this system with Vital water at the start of the 2012 season other teams that we have played in the heat have had the issue of cramps and we find that this has been a great benefit

We do look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Vital Waters as we believe that this is going to help with our athletes as well as the hydration for all of our staff.


Ray Wheatley
Team Manager/Assistant Coach – Okanagan Sun

Darryl Hazzell- Market Place IGA

In January 2010 Vital Waters approached me to start selling alkaline water instead of just their reverse osmosis water. I felt that water is just water and why would anyone buy more expensive alkaline water. Despite my misgivings I gave their rep, Chris Collinson, the go ahead to bring in alkaline water.

In the following year we experienced an 18% increase in revenue in bottled water sales and currently 50% of the water we sell is alkaline. The most interesting point here is that in a slow economy, this department actually increased sales with virtually no advertising out performing growth in most of the other departments in the store.

Darryl Hazell
Market Place IGA
1940 Kane Road, Kelowna, B.C.

Joel Rickard - Kelowna, B.C.

Thought I would drop you a quick note in regards to some of the healthful benefits of your Vital Waters.

Recently I had a blood test suggesting that my blood sugar was too high as well as a weight challenge to try and reduce. At 65 years young, when you get “that look” from your doctor, another look at diet and medication seemed imperative. Actually, for me, it took a relatively small adjustment to an already active lifestyle. Having a hobby farm of sorts, the exercise was just part of my routine.

But I had slipped into a series of bad habits. Coffee, Coke (not the diet stuff) and not respecting my hypoglycemia by eating more often and bridging the gaps with synthetic energy boosters were a main source of the problem.

Sugar was the main culprit and it took some serious effort on my part to break this chain of quick fixes. Water was an important and critical cornerstone in getting back on track. It had to be not just plain usually poor quality water from the tap, or the store bought water in the bottle (which I understand is also under scrutiny), it had to be H2O that had the right ingredients to help in several levels of my health challenges.

I doubled my intake at home from your delivered water and carried it with me in a safe portable cooler that kept it both cold and non toxic. Respecting my diet, exercise and the extra pure water intake has done the trick. My blood sugar has fallen into a non prescription scale and can notice a difference, after kicking the habit of the sugar and caffeine. I also do not have the major head aches and seem to get a better nights sleep by using the water instead of a pill.

It is so easy to fall into a way of life that can be unhealthy, yet unknown until you “get that look” from your doctor. Thanks again for the right kind of fluid for this engine of mine. Got a few miles left and plan to enjoy them.

JM - Kelowna, B.C.

My family been drinking the Himalayan Plus water for two months and can report the following as fact:

1. My kids, 9 and 12, guzzle it all day long….I had to remind them constantly to drink R/O water. My wife and I drink more as well and we enjoy the taste of the water. That is why we drink 8-10 5 gal bottles per month. We don’t wash, rinse, etc. with it….we drink that much of it.

2. Sometimes, due to busy schedules, we eat late. If I go to bed before the food has digested, I invariably awaken with indigestion. I have found that sipping the H+ water relieves the indigestion. I could not drink the R/O water with indigestion as it made it worse and I would instead take an antacid.

Have fun,
Kelowna BC

Adam & Lisa - Kelowna, B.C.

We have been a customer of Vital Waters for almost two months now, and although it doesn’t seem like a very long time, we have already seen positive changes in our Health. We consume only your Himalayan Plus alkaline water, and it is also the water of choice for the dogs as well.

Up until changing to your water I had suffered from stomach problems and severe heart burn, however since drinking alkaline water the problems that plagued me are no longer a concern. I feel my body is ridding itself of many dangerous toxins and is naturally balancing the PH throughout my system.

I am very thankful that we noticed the advertisement on Tuongo, otherwise we may still be drinking ordinary bottled water and receiving none of the benefits that are enjoyed while drinking an alkaline water.

I would also like to note that the service has been tremendous and we are very pleased with all the products and services that your company offers. I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to continuing to receive health benefits from all your products.

Adam and Lisa
Kelowna BC


My daughter has suffered with a transient irregular heart beat for the last four years. We have spent a great deal of time in the emergency ward and had several trips in an ambulance when my daughter’s heart pain became severe. The doctors have monitored her heart and she has worn a monitor over several days in an attempt to pin down the problem with no success.

In May of this year she started drinking Himalayan Plus within a couple of weeks her heart problems disappeared with no resumption. Over a period of three months she had no problems then she stopped drinking the water as she was out of town for a couple of weeks. Within a week her problems resumed and only went away when she started drinking Himalayan Plus again. Now she is going to university out of town but we make sure she has her supply of Vital Waters Himalayan Plus.


Erin - Kelowna, B.C.

My family and I started using Vital Waters water delivery shortly after my office switched to their water. As a self described water snob, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about water. Joel has satisfied my curiosity and taught me that there is healthier water out there that can truly make a difference in our health.

I have noticed that my family of 4 (with two small children in daycare-enough said) does not get sick as often. Since we try to be pretty health conscious in general most of us do not often suffer from random illnesses. However, my young daughter seemed to be constantly plagued by either a runny nose or chest cough.

I have noticed since switching to Vital Waters several months ago that when she does pick up the latest illness from her daycare, that she only holds onto it for several days and the effects are far less severe than they were previously.

I believe the passion the team at Vital Waters has for not only their products but for the health and wellness of their community (both locally and globally) is an important factor in my own and my family’s healthy lifestyle.

Kelowna BC

Greg & Mitsi Schulte - DiMENsions Fitness Express - Kelowna

We proudly serve Vital Waters to our members at DiMENsions Fitness Express and offer take home bottles to enhance their hydration throughout the day. The bottom line is their alkaline water tastes great!

It is also comforting to know that it is good for you in many ways. The health benefits of consuming this quality alkaline water are well worth the cost. We have trouble keeping it on the shelf as our members are thoroughly enjoying Himalayan Plus and PH Plus varieties we serve and sell.

Not all waters are created equal and when you are making fitness a priority, so to should you make hydration a priority.

DiMENsions and Vital Waters are here to offer the two together – Effective Fitness & Superb Hydration

Greg & Mitsi Schulte
DiMENsions Fitness Express – Kelowna

Sara & Chris - Kelowna, B.C.

When we moved to Kelowna, one of the first things was we were looking for water from the purest source.Seven months later, we discovered Vital Waters. Perfect name for the purest water source we have seen in Kelowna. We know without a doubt that this water is a strong foundation for our healthy lifestyle.

Blessings Sara & Chris
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