Use Alkaline Water to Prevent or Treat Gout

Published November 25, 2020

If you are not familiar with gout, it is a kind of inflammatory arthritis caused by high levels of uric acid in the body specifically in the blood. The acid forms sharp edged crystals that feel like knives in your joints and causes sudden, severe pain, tenderness, and swelling. If you have gout, or you have had these types of symptoms and suspect that you might have gout, you may be wondering what kinds of holistic or natural treatments you can use to help ease your symptoms. The scientifically backed answer is alkaline water! Alkaline water is proven in multiple studies to both prevent and treat gout. 

Why Alkaline Water?

Premium alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular bottled water. What makes water alkaline is its pH level. The pH scale tells you how acidic a substance is by giving it a number on a scale of zero to fourteen. Anything that has a number between one and seven falls to the acidic side of the scale, while anything that has a number between seven and fourteen falls to the alkaline side of the scale.  If you drink alkaline water it will help you maintain a higher urine pH balance and even flush out the harmful uric acid that builds up and causes gout.

Alkaline Water for Gout Prevention

Alkaline water can absolutely prevent gout and help prevent gout flare ups for people already suffering from the disease. It works because it keeps your urine pH higher in general, by helping to enhance your kidney’s ability to pass uric acid out of the body. Because the uric acid is passed out of the body more efficiently, it is not allowed to build up in your joints in the first place, which is the cause of the gout pain. For the best results, you should eat more alkaline foods and drink bottled alkaline water. The alkaline diet is full of lots of fruits and vegetables. Adding alkaline water to this type of diet will reduce the toxicity of your body and help to reduce gout flare ups over all!

Alkaline Water Helps Treat  Kidney Stones

It is very common for people who have gout to also suffer from kidney stones. The reason is kidney stones are caused by uric acid crystals as well! The stones formed in the kidneys are acidic, so, drinking alkaline water benefits kidney stone sufferers by preventing the stones from forming and helping the ones that have already formed to dissolve.

Using Alkaline Water for Gout

To use alkaline water to treat or prevent gout, you will need to drink a couple of bottles of alkaline water every day for two weeks. At that point you should have a noticeable difference. The easiest way to make sure you get enough alkaline water is to carry a refillable alkaline water with you. 

Drinking alkaline water isn’t just good for treating and preventing gout, it promotes overall good health and weight loss. Give alkaline water a try today!