Alkaline Water for Thyroid Health

Published November 28, 2020

Almost 5 million Canadian have some kind of disorder related to their thyroid. The sad news is that it is likely that sixty percent of them are completely unaware of it. It is one of the main reasons people gain weight and have hormonal imbalances. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid isn’t producing enough hormones for the body to be able to regulate all of it’s normal processes. It is common for people with this condition to experience difficulty concentrating, insomnia, low metabolism and low energy. People with thyroid dysfunction need to eat an alkaline diet and enhance it with alkaline water. 

Drinking alkaline water will benefit you if you have thyroid problems because it directly addresses many of the issues affected by thyroid problems.


Hypothyroidism slows the body’s metabolism. This is why people suffering from thyroid issues find it so hard to lose weight. Staying hydrated can be beneficial for your thyroid health because it helps to speed up the metabolism by aiding in digestion and keeping the digestive tract from remaining in an acidic state at all times. 

Fluid Balance

The body is more than half water, staying hydrated helps you maintain that fluid balance. Enough fluids in your body helps aid in digestion, absorbing food and nutrients, maintaining your body temperature and circulation. Premium alkaline water hydrates better than other waters because it’s chemical structure allows it to more deeply penetrate each cell. 


Water is vital to detoxifying your body because it helps the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin to flush out toxins. If you do not get enough water it will slow down or even stop the detoxification process. The same chemical structure that helps alkaline water hydrate cells also helps the cells to flush out toxins more completely. 

Bowel Function

People with thyroid disorders often suffer from constipation. Staying hydrated aids in digestion and helps ease constipation. One of the easiest ways to prevent constipation is by drinking lots of bottled alkaline water.

Skin and Hair Maintenance

Issues with your thyroid can cause dry skin and thinning of hair. Staying hydrated will help to improve your skin and hair health. Good hydration will keep your hair smooth, give you healthy, glowing skin and even help to prevent brittle and weak fingernails.

Why Alkaline Water for Thyroid Health?

Most people do not realize there is such a big difference between alkaline water and regular bottled water or how much of an impact that has on thyroid health. Drinking alkaline water if you have this condition is helpful because alkaline water hydrates your body better and more completely than regular tap water does. Alkaline water for athletes has been almost a performance enhancer because of these effects! For someone with thyroid issues, keeping a refillable alkaline water handy will help maintain their fluid balance, detoxify their body, enhance bowel functions, and help maintain hair and skin health. For most people with thyroid issues, changes in these areas can be seen after as little as two weeks of drinking alkaline water.